Blogging – So I Started a Blog. Here’s Why.


Yep, I started a blog. I always said blogging was not my thing. In fact, I  was relieved when someone gave me permission not to when I first started Rhema Design Co. I had to blog for a class in college. Hated it. I had to blog for the World Race. Hated it.

But, here we are. I started a blog and I’m actually excited about it. One huge hurdle I had to get over was thinking that I didn’t have anything to share with you. That’s a lie. Once I sat down and started to brainstorm I came up with tons of ideas. In fact, I have my blogs planned until mid-January! That’s definitely not having nothing to share.

The next hurdle was getting over adding something else to my to-do list. That’s honestly the reason I’ve resisted this for so dang long. The thought was so overwhelming it would send me into an anxiety spiral. In all honesty, that’s still a little bit of a struggle. But, with proper planning, I am confident I am capable to do this. I’ve also realized that blogs don’t have to be novels, which has been incredibly freeing.

After I convinced myself I do have things to say, I needed to decide the vision for this blog, and how it would be different than my email list. My email list is more of a relationship building tool. I love getting to share personal stories and get to know people through that platform. This blog will be more of an educational platform where I’ll share my process, how I do things and why, and some occasional encouragement.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things I’ll be blogging about; why I removed web design from my services, mistakes I’ve made as a small business owner, the enneagram and running a business, and brand voice, just to select a few! I want everything I do to be valuable to you. Whether you’re a designer as well, a fellow small business owner, or thinking of starting your own thing, what do you want to read from me? How can I help you? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to put it on the schedule.

Thank you for joining me in this blogging endeavor!