Designer Vaca Recap: Would I Go Again? —

Designer Vaca Recap: Would I Go Again?


Last week I went to Designer Vaca in Palm Springs, California. It was my first time at Designer Vaca, and my first time ever on the West Coast! So, here are all the details about it.

Designer Vaca is part conference / part vacation and is held in Palm Springs. Founders Promise Tangeman and Alyssa Yuhas formed it so creative ladies could gather to talk about all things business and relax. It’s been happening for about 6 years, but somehow this is the first year I’d heard of it! Of course, as soon as I heard about it on Instagram I bought my ticket immediately without second thought. It’s difficult to find community when you work for yourself and from your home, so I was drawn to the community aspect.

I went into it knowing that is was part conference part vacation, but in the end was surprised by just how chill it was. It was a pleasant surprise and I left feeling inspired, completely refreshed, and with quite a few new friends! However, if you’re expecting a super educational conference, this isn’t it. But, I wasn’t drawn to the conference for the educational aspect, rather for the community. I also go to Creative South, which is education heavy, so I feel good about the balance of the two conferences.

Overall, there were about three sessions with some breakout options as well.

Arian Simone, Kathleen Shannon, and Sarah Dubbledam were the keynote speakers and they were all so, so good. The larger sessions were inspiring, but the smaller breakout sessions were really my favorite! That’s where I got to connect personally with so many other lovely ladies and chat about all things business, design, life, etc. From my personal experience, that’s where the relationships are formed.

I went to DV not knowing a single person, so I was paired with roommates by DV and I had a great experience! We shared almost every meal together and explored around Palm Springs on the bikes from the Ace Hotel. I love biking, so I had so much fun with this!

Would I go again? Heck yes! I’m already planning to build it into my budget for next year! I went not knowing a single soul and had a great time! I met so many incredible women that I can’t wait to continue to support and cheer on.

Will I see you there next year?