Why I Removed Web Design From My Services


Earlier this year I hired a business coach. She looked at my site and said ‘Why do you have wedding invitations in your portfolio – that’s not what you want to do!’. She was right, and I removed that project the same day. This is the same reason I removed web design from my services.

Why I removed web design.

Essentially, it’s the same with web design. I don’t love it. I’ve done web design in the past and I’m dang proud of that work. But, I came to a crossroads where I could continue to improve at branding (what I really want to be known for), or I could split my time and try to improve my web design skills as well.

There are so many opinions about niching and I really think there are good arguments on both sides.

This is just what I’ve decided to do for my own business. I highly encourage you to do what you love. My services don’t have to be your services! That was a temptation for me for a while. I saw other brand designers offering Mailchimp templates (I hate Mailchimp), or custom Shopify sites (I’d tear my hair out). That’s great – for them.

This is another change in my business that took me some time and courage to do (read more about my switch to the One Concept Method here). So far it’s worked out well, though to be entirely honest I’ve only received a handful of leads since my rebrand back in early September. If I one day notice significant changes or lack of leads because of this, then I’ll re-evalute. For now, I’m sticking with what I really love to do – branding.

Web design is such an important part of branding though, so, how do I handle web inquiries now? I’ve partnered up with an incredible web designer to provide my clients and even better experience. Stay tuned next week for more information on that!