Web Design Partnership


Last week I wrote about how I recently decided to remove web design from my services. When I made this change I knew I didn’t want to leave my clients without any option for web design. So, I chose to enter into a web designer partnership with an incredibly talented web designer, December Oak. Stefani does stunning work, and I’m always blown away by her creativity and out of the box designs.

Many of you were wondering how I handle this web design partnership in client inquiries now and if it’s affected my business negatively.

I don’t have an answer for that second part for now, since it’s still a relatively new change. As for how I handle this in client inquiries – that depends on where they came from! Sometimes Stefani sends clients my way who need branding, and sometimes I send clients to her who need a website. In instances where the client comes to me first, then I’ll complete a branding discovery call and send them to Stefani for her own discovery call. If the client comes to her first, then the process works in reverse – she does the web discovery call and sends the potential client on to me for a discovery call. Once the client books both of us, then we’re good to go!

If you’re thinking of entering into a similar web design partnership in your own business, I’ve got a few tips. These will help you choose a web design partner and make the relationship work!

  1. It’s important that your styles and target audience are the same.That way, both of you benefit, enjoy the work, and have work you want to show off.
  2. You’ll be working closely together, so make sure you get along! Stefani and I were friends and chatted almost daily before we decided to do this.
  3. Communication is key in making this kind of relationship work. Stefani and I hopped on Zoum calls and chatted about how exactly things would work, and we still do that.
  4. Be flexible! Stefani and I are in the midst of our first project together, so I fully expect that our workflows and processes may evolve.

There you go friends – that’s my scoop on how to do this. It’s still new for me, so I’ll probably return mid-2019 with an update on how things are going!