2019 Plans and Goals: Simple and Attainable


Last week I shared a 2018 year end review going over some of the things that did and did not work in my business. This week I’m sharing a few things I plan to do this year! I’m keeping this list pretty simple, but attainable. Here are my 2019 plans and goals. 

Here they are!

  • Start a Roth IRA. As of right now I have no plan in place for retirement. Yikes. A Roth IRA is a perfect choice for me as a self-employed person. 
  • Support myself by working with dream clients, companies I feel good about supporting, and missions that matter. 
  • Say no more often to projects that don’t fulfill me.
  • Pay off all of my students loan by the end of the year (this is one of the bigger plans that is going to be tough to accomplish, but I really want to make it happen).

Like I said, I’m keeping this 2019 plans and goals list really simple.

These are some of my more tangible plans for 2019. Of course, there are more things I want to accomplish throughout the year, but these are the bones of what I’d like to do. Sign up for my Monthly Notes email list (goes out every third Tuesday) to see why I don’t have a ton of goals for this year. There I’ll be sharing my bigger hopes and dreams for the year – things that are harder to measure with a simple list of goals!

What are your 2019 plans and goals? I’d love to cheer you on!