What Is Brand Voice and Why Is It Important?


Knowing my brand voice has helped me be clear in how I communicate online. When I established my voice I was mostly just using Instagram, but now I have an email list and blog and Pinterest and the same voice still applies. So you’re probably thinking; ‘that’s great, but what is it?’. Essentially brand voice is your brands personality and how it comes across when read, seen, or interacted with.

Brand Identity is incredibly important (of course I think that, I’m a Brand Designer!), but having a clear idea of your voice is so important as well. If you pair a great brand identity with a consistent brand voice then you’ve truly got some magic going on. Establishing this is so helpful in maintaining a consistent online presence. Of course, pictures are great, but a lot of platforms aren’t really about the photos anymore, it’s about what you have to say. Your voice is what really sets you apart in this saturated world.

It influences the things you chose to talk about and the things you chose to keep private.

Personally, I talk about business, design, life, family, faith, exploration and travel, and personal and business growth. Online I stay away from more polarizing topics like politics. While I don’t shy away from talking about the hard stuff, but I am careful what exactly I share. How much you share is completely up to you, I would just encourage you to make sure that it’s yours to share.

Brand voice isn’t only the content areas you want to talk about, it’s how you want people to feel!

Through anything I write I want people to walk away feeling inspired, encouraged, challenged, and known. Through Lauren Carne’s Signature Brand Voice guide I was able to come up with a concise voice that I felt good about. And, when I established my voice it was so much easier to write content I felt good about and that my audience loved.

So, how about you friend? Do you have an established brand voice yet?