Why Branding is Worth the Investment


Branding is expensive. There, I said it. But, it’s so, so worth it. Here I’ll outline why branding is worth the investment.

I’ve had countless people tell me ‘branding isn’t in the budget this year’, ‘I’m just starting out – branding will have to come later’, or some variation of that. To me, that’s like building a business backwards! As a brand designer, I’m hyper aware of the value that branding can provide. By starting with a meaningful brand for your business, you can set yourself up for success far more than rebranding later. I’m of the opinion that branding should be one of the first steps.

When you put off branding, you could be potentially harming your business without realize it. Did you notice in the last paragraph I said ‘rebranding’? Whether you start with a brand or not, you develop one along the way. You develop a brand voice and brand recognition. You may unintentionally be targeting the wrong audience and turning away the right audience. By strategically developing branding at the beginning, you’re building your business with intention. By investing in branding at the start, you’re setting your business up for success.

Ok, let’s get tangible. Here’s an example to show you why branding is worth the investment.

Let me set up a scenario for you. You’re at the grocery store looking at yogurt. The store brand is .79 cents and Chobani is $1.00. You’ve never had either, but are more drawn to Chobani for their beautiful branding. You look at the ingredients, and Chobani’s are far superior. You read on their packaging that part of the profits go to the Chobani Foundation. The Chobani packaging is more environmentally friendly. The store brand has none of these benefits, just cost. You decided the .21 cent difference is worth it and grab a few of the Chobani brand. All of those reasons you chose Chobani, that’s part of their brand.

We’ve talked a bit about the value branding can bring to you. Let’s also talk about the designer side. Branding is a lot of work. Likely, you value your own work, product, or services. Do the same for your brand designer. You’re paying for our expertise, our time, and our refined process. I’ve surveyed a few brand designer friends and the average for a full branding project is about 100 hours.

The initial investment of branding can be large, but the value far outweighs the investment. As a brand designer, I am for you. I am an expert at what I do, and I am on your team. I’m not here to take your money and create a system that doesn’t work or that will be out of date in two years. I partner with my clients to craft meaningful and intentional brands.

Branding is so much more than a logo.

This business – it’s your baby. Your dream. Therefore, it’s worth more than a quick DIY logo. It deserves more than a templated website. First impressions matter so much in this fast digital age. Make sure your first impression counts. Branding is worth the investment.

In conclusion, that, my friends, is why branding is a worth the investment. You don’t have to book me for branding, but book someone.