Communicating Your Style to Your Designer


So, you’ve picked a designer.

Congratulations, that’s a big step! Hopefully, you’ve chosen a designer that fits the style of design you’re looking for. If not, then you’ll learn helpful tips on communicating your style to your designer. But, a good designer should be able to design for any style, though they may have a niche. I certainly have a niche and look for clients that fit within that, but I am capable of designing for different styles. If a project sounds fun and fits my ideal client, then the style they’re looking for isn’t a deal breaker!

If you’re unsure of how to communicate your style with your designer, then this is for you.

At this point you’ve likely booked with them, so I certainly hope that you trust them. Whatever their process is, follow it! They’ve likely got some methods of communicating with you about the style you’re looking for, whether pre-booking or post-booking. Personally, I do a little bit of both! I chat about it with them on the phone and I allow them to give me some references in the Brand Strategy phase once they’ve booked. I do take these into consideration, but I may not always follow them to a tee. From the Brand Strategy (their goals, target audience, mission, etc.) I make strategic creative decisions on the best direction to take the brand visually.

Trust them, they’re the expert!

If you’re concerned about the project heading in a direction that’s different from the style you’re looking for, I’d take a pause and think over it before acting. Has the designer justified their actions? In order to best communicate the strategic decision making behind every creative choice, I provide a logo rationale to my clients during the branding phase. If the rationale matches up with the strategy you’ve agreed on and approved, then stick with it. Brand Designs excel at crafting strategic branding and likely know what’s best for the brand.

Ok, so that’s all great, but let’s get tangible. How do you communicate your style to your designer

How can you clearly and tangibly communicate your style to your designer?

  • Fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability. Good brands are built on stories, so tell your story clearly and succinctly, but don’t leave out the heart.
  • Have a few brands in mind that you like (they don’t need to be in your industry) and don’t like. If you give your designer a few names, they can take a look at those and get an idea of what you like, even if you don’t have the ‘design’ terms to communicate it.
  • Curate a few images on Pinterest, but don’t be put off if your Pinterest board doesn’t match the moodboard they create for you. Just like giving them a few brand names you like / don’t like, this will help them get a better feel of what you’re looking for without copying it.
  • Trust them, but also trust yourself! You can get a good feel for a person by their website, their Instagram, and by chatting with them on the phone. I always like to do a phone consultation before booking for this reason.

In the end, communication is key (to all of life really)! Don’t book them and expect them to know exactly what you want, unless that’s what you want! If you have something in mind, share it. Trust their expertise, and don’t be a pixel pusher (telling the designer exactly what to do), but communicate well.

I hope these tips have been helpful in guiding you on communicating your style to your designer. Best of luck to you in your project, and I can’t wait to celebrate along with you as your dream becomes reality!