Skillshare Course: Brand Strategy

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my Skillshare class. Skillshare is an online learning community with educational videos on anything from floral design to UI / UX, and baking. Now, you can find my course on the Brand Strategy Process among the wonderful videos on Skillshare.

When Skillshare opened up a workshop on course creation, I applied on a whim and I was accepted! This is new for me, but this fits perfectly within my values of education and transparency. I’ve shared a deep dive into my process before on my blog, but decided to pursue this as well.

By no means do I have everything all figured out, and I still have a lot of struggles, but over the two years I’ve been running Rhema I’ve learned a thing or two and perfected my process. That’s what I’ll be sharing in this Skillshare series on the Brand Design Process. The first course will be covering Brand Strategy. Stay tuned for more course on the Brand Design Phase and Project Wrap-Up and Hand Off.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What Brand Strategy is
  • The key elements of a successful Brand Strategy
  • The importance of strategy in designing a brand
  • How to pitch strategy as a service to your clients
  • Tips on gathering information from your clients
  • Gathering productive client feedback
  • How to curate images for a moodboard
  • How to create a moodboard rationale breakdown 

Throughout the course you’ll see a real world example from a previous client of mine (names changed) in the class project example. You’ll have access to the questionnaire I use to gather information and feedback from my clients, a presentation template, two moodboard templates, and learn how to curate images for a moodboard.

The tools learned in this course can result in more successful Brand Design projects, an improved client experience, and, eventually, more income.

To join Skillshare Premium and watch my course, you can follow this link.*

*This is a referral link and I do earn a small comission per signup

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