2020 Goals & Plans


Earlier this month I posted on Instagram about being overwhelmed at the thought of even planning for 2020. I reached out to a close business friend, Stefani from December Oak (my web partner) and we decided to plan together. So, we cleared a day to hop on a video call and plan together. Stefani is a pro at planning and was able to provide us with several planning resources. That resulted in this list of 2020 goals and plans. I’ll break them down into some categories:


  • Make $36,000 gross as a business (this is not the number I pay myself, but what Rhema brings in). This number may seem low to most, but it’s been my goal every year since starting Rhema and I’ve never met it. I have high hopes for the year ahead.
  • I’d like to start paying myself. It’s been over a year and a half since I paid myself a monthly salary. That’s got to change this year.


Marketing will be a big element of my business in 2020. I’m working with a coach and he’s got me doing all the things.

  • This year I’d like to begin creating case studies after a project is over. I don’t plan on doing this for every project, but for a few throughout the year. I’ll need to dive into some research and create a plan for how to craft a really meaningful case study.
  • In 2020 I’ll consistently show up on Instagram, Pinterest, my blog, and my email list.
  • That leads into the next goal: I’d like to grow my email list this year. Want to help? Hop on over here and subscribe.
  • The first part of my months will be dedicated to content planning and writing. I’ve done this sporadically throughout early 2019, and I’d like to make it more of a habit in 2020. Content is a huge part of how I plan to reach my financial goals this year, so dedicated time is a must.
  • I’d like to be featured as a guest blogger and a podcast guest. Whew, those are big goals that are scary to even type out.


  • I’d like to book 13 brand design clients in 2020.
  • Last year I had a list of dream projects I wanted to work with, and this year is the same. Here’s that list: a skincare line, a food project, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. The theme here is physical locations and packaging projects. Yes, please!


  • Increase my lead conversion rate
  • I’d like to work on client work from Monday to Thursday, and dedicate Fridays to business development and business tasks. During this time I can watch webinars, read blogs, do bookkeeping, plan and schedule content, etc.
  • Though it’s not in the budget for this year, I’d like to have a plan in place by the end of the year to hire a Virtual Assistant and a bookkeeper (I’m soo behind on those receipts).

That’s it friends! This all came from a solid five hours of planning, and gosh it was so worth it. I’m heading into 2020 with such clarity on what did and didn’t work in 2019 and what I’d like to accomplish in this next year. I’d love to hear some of your goals for the upcoming year!