2019 Inquiries and Conversion Rates


Continuing in the vein of sharing from 2019, I thought I’d go a bit deeper by into the business analytics. Today I’m sharing 2019 inquiries and conversation rates and what I’ve learned from that process.

In 2019, I had 42 inquiries and 12 bookings (one of those for 2020). That’s a conversion rate of 28.5%, which isn’t too bad. 83% (10) of those bookings were from word of mouth referrals or people who knew me. That’s wild. I’m confident in the experience that I provide, but that made me pause and think how I can further improve my client experience. By improving my client experience even more, I can continue to get those word of mouth bookings. Now, realistically, I don’t expect this high rate of word of mouth bookings to continue – eventually that well may run dry. That’s why I paused to consider ways I could have booked some of those other leads.

After sharing these numbers with my business coach, he encouraged me to consider some ways I could have booked a more of these leads.

There were some clients I really would have loved to work with. Now, I’ve added in some elements to this process to hopefully increase this booking number next year! For instance, following up more often and engaging with the potential client on social media. At this point, I only have 13 branding slots, so the goal is to have less inquiries and more bookings, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Of those 12 projects I booked in 2019, 3 were photographers / videographers, 2 were coaches and or authors, 1 interior designer, 3 retail products (skincare, candles, and jewelry), 1 artist, and 2 wedding planners. I’m so overjoyed looking back at this industry breakdown. I believe many of these are a result of writing down dream clients in early 2019.

This year I have more dream clients I’d love to work with. If you’re on this list or adjacent, I’d love to chat with you about crafting an elevated brand design for you business!

2020 Dream Client List: a skincare line, a food project, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. The theme here is physical locations and packaging projects.