Quarter One Check In


I think the first quarter of 2020 looked a bit different than anyone anticipated. We all started strong, then Covid-19 had different plans. Nonetheless, I’ve done my best to adapt and continue moving forward. Today is the first day of Quarter 2, and it also happens to be my 3 year business anniversary! Both of those in one day call for a Quarter One Check In.

Let’s take a look back at my 2020 goals:


  • Make $36,000 gross as a business. I’m well on my way there! As of writing this, I’m 32% of the way to my goal and we’re 25% of the way through the year. I lost some big projects due to Covid related cancellations, so I felt like I took a hit there, but I’m still on track for this goal. This alone is a huge win. 36K has been my goal every year I’ve been in business, and I’ve never met it. That’s hard.
  • I’d like to start paying myself. I haven’t started this yet. I’ve still been transferring money in as needed. Once I get to a comfortable place, I hope to start paying myself little bit little, and eventually quit one of my bridge jobs!


Like I said, I’ve been working with a coach and wow, I’m starting to see the results. Coaching is much more of a long game, but these results give me hope for the future.

  • Create Case Studies. Honestly, I forgot about this. I’ve been so focused on other marketing efforts. I’ll have to revisit this goal and see if the time investment is worth it.
  • Show up on Instagram, Pinterest, my blog, and my email list. I’m really proud that I’ve accomplished this so far. I’ve been intentional & consistent throughout all of these platforms.
  • Grow my email list. As of setting my goals, I had 172 people on my email list. As of writing this (March 28th), I have 357. My goal for the year was 500, and I’m well on my way to that. That’s a huge amount of growth in such a short time! I plan on writing a blog soon with more details here.

Even writing this, I’m getting really excited. I think I hadn’t even realized how much progress I’d been making towards my goals until I did this. Let’s continue with our Quarter One Check In!

  • Dedicated content writing time. This has definitely been accomplished, which is the only reason I’ve been able to show up consistently and intentionally.
  • Be featured as a guest blogger and a podcast guest. I remember being intimidated even typing those goals out. Well guys, they both happened early in the year. I was featured on the Rising Tide Blog (and in their monthly guide!) and on a friends podcast. And, I’ve got more podcast interviews lined up!


  • Book 13 brand design clients. So far this year I’ve booked three projects. One of my slots in February went unfilled, so I’m hoping I can make that up further down the line!
  • Dream projects: a skincare line, a food project, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. I came so close to two of these, but the project didn’t work out (thanks again Covid). So far the three projects I’ve booked haven’t been on this list, but dreams nonetheless!

Well there you go friends, that’s my Quarter One Check In Update! Now, I’m curious about you. How are you doing? Are your goals progressing, or have they been thrown to the wind due to you know, a global pandemic (which is ok. Hear me say that again. It’s ok if you need to pause to take care of yourself.)