Pivoting During Covid-19


Covid-19 seemingly came out of nowhere and threw us all for a loop. Now, we’re all readjusting to this new normal. I’m incredibly privileged to be ok during this time, both in regards to health and finances. I see it as my moral imperative as a human to stay inside to protect those around me. So, that’s what I’m doing, and that’s meant some changes in my business. Here are some ways I’ve been pivoting during Covid-19:

  • I used to work at a wonderful co-working space here in town, Nitch. It’s a small group of people in a very large space, but I’ve still put my membership on pause until I feel safe going back.
  • Even when working at Nitch, I would often switch things up and go to a coffee shop or the botanical gardens to work. Now, I roam between my bed, desk, couch, and the patio (the patio has been a favorite lately).
  • Many of my clients lately have been local (which I love!), which means we get to meet a lot in person. It’s certainly easier to discuss print samples in person, but it’s not a reality right now. So, like the rest of the world I’ve been using Zoom a lot more!
  • Instead of getting print items shipped to me, I’ve shipped straight to the client. This does make me a bit nervous that I won’t be able to quality control them before the client sees them, but it’s the safest option at the moment.
  • Many of us have felt the change in our bodies, but can’t seem to pinpoint why. Our bodies are feeling the change going on in the environment around us. That can manifest in a variety of ways; sleeping more, eating more / less, restlessness, lethargy, etc. I’ve struggled with low energy levels and lethargy. I’ve definitely noticed my jeans feeling a little bit tighter during this. So, I’m listening to my body a lot more. I’m learning when to push through a little bit, and when to slow down. I’m enjoying the sunshine (thank goodness we’ve had lovely weather), and I’m resting a lot.
  • I’ve offered more extended payment plans to new clients.
  • I haven’t reinforced my usual project rescheduling fee because of Covid-19 circumstances.

To be honest, not all of these are bad things. These are absolutely things I could carry into non-Covid life (when?!). The many routines I’ve put in place in my life feel even more important now. These are things like; running, yoga, healthy eating, waking up at a consistent hour, journaling time, among others. I’m still working both of my other jobs, so it’s even more important that I take care of myself, while still also meeting deadlines. It’s a delicate balance!

How have you been pivoting during Covid-19?

Be safe, be kind, and stay inside!