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Let’s Repent, Lament, and do The Work.


This is something I shared to my email list, and I shared a version of this on Instagram. I’m sharing again here to be very clear on where I stand on this issue.

This post comes to you in the midst of a people in pain. A nation crying for something better. Communities demanding to be seen and heard.

God forgive us.

On May 25th, George Floyd was murdered in the street by a man who swore to serve and protect. Also on May 25th, a white woman in Central Park weaponized her privilege to try to bring on the murder of Christian Cooper. On March 13th, Breonna Taylor was shot in her own home, again, by those sworn to serve and protect. On February 23rd, Ahmaud Arbery was out for a run and was chased and gunned down by a group of racist men.

God forgive us.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. The above examples come from JUST two months. From 1619 to 2020, black people in America have been continuously oppressed, silenced and murdered.

God forgive us.

While protestors are fighting for black and brown lives, others are decrying the destruction of property. This shows that America’s priority has always been the protection of property, even and especially when that property was black lives (words via Brittany Packnett Cunnigham). The roots of policing are found in slave patrols. The destruction of property bothers some more than the murder of black and brown people.

God forgive us.

I’ve shared my business + life values on here before. As a reminder, one of those values is to see humans as the divinely created being they are. Collectively, white people’s worth has never been in question. But black people are fighting for their lives still today. This is unacceptable. Black lives are divinely created, beautiful, sacred, and worthy of living without fear of being shot down daily. Black lives matter.

God forgive us.

Fighting racism within yourself (and yes, ALL white people have internalized racism and benefit from the structures of white supremacy) is a daily task. White folks, we are racist but we can actively work towards being anti-racist. Key word: actively. It’s long past time to do this work. I’m in. Are you? (If you don’t know where to start, then frankly, you haven’t been listening).

God forgive us.

We will get this wrong. I will get this wrong. But pride and fear of being seen as racist (not BEING racist but being SEEN as racist) can no longer hold us back when black bodies are dying every single day. BIPOC deserve better from us.

God forgive me.

If this post enrages you, thats fine. Go ahead and unfollow me. If you feel uncomfortable, I invite you to sit in that discomfort, listen to it, and then do The Work. I’ll be following up soon to share changes I plan to make within my business to uplift black and brown voices, businesses, and lives.

Let’s Repent, Lament, and Do The Work.