Brand Photography: A Client’s Best Friend


I can’t stress enough the importance of brand photography. In my opinion, it’s key to any successful brand. I felt such a ‘power-up’ after my first brand shoot, and that’s only continued every shoot I have. For instance, after a shoot in 2019, I redid my entire website to elevate it to the level of photography! I felt using my existing site with my new photos would be like ‘putting lipstick on a pig’, as my mother would say.

I’ve been partnering with my go-to photographer, Kayley Lorraine, for about a year now. She’s who I love to use for my own brand & portfolio photography. In fact, all of the photographs you see on my site were captured by her. So when I was exploring ways to add more value to my brand packages, she seemed like such a natural fit! We then partnered together to create a package with custom stock photography. I always love a chance to partner with other creatives, so this package has been a lot of fun!

Our inspiration moodboard for this project.

Our inspiration for this project for Equalis Financial was earthy and desert vibes.

It was also important that the photography be gender neutral, much like the brand (which we’ll be sharing soon!). During the shoot, we focused on capturing a variety of images that can be used for social media, presentations, and the website. In addition, we ensured some of the images could be used as web headers with plenty of white space for text.

The package for this client, Equalis Financial, also included social media templates and a Powerpoint presentation template. Because of these deliverables, these photographs were incredibly beneficial in continuing the vibe of the brand. The client now has some amazing custom stock photos to use for years to come. Here are a few of the social templates we were able to come up with using the incredibly brand photography!

Are you ready to up-level your branding through a strategic brand, thoughtful print collateral, and custom photos? Let’s chat!