Monthly Design Wrap-up: August —

Monthly Design Wrap-up: August


I’ve recently started a new series on my email list called the Monthly Design Wrap-up. In brainstorming ways I could add design related value to my subscribers inbox, I had an idea I’m really excited about inspired by some of my favorite podcasters email list. Erin Moon & Knox McCoy each do a weekly roundup full of fun things on the internet called ‘Lil Treasures’ and ‘Sectional Healing’, but I’m not that clever so I’ll just be calling it ‘Monthly Design Roundup’. The Monthly Design Roundup will feature design related things I’m loving that month – anything from a fun new paper to my favorite font. I anticipate this will evolve over time and eventually I’ll have a solid list of categories. I’ve never been one excited ‘to create content’ (cue eye roll), but this actually really excites me. I hope you feel the same way!

Since this is a new series on my list, I thought I’d share via my blog as well! Here’s the wrap-up that went out at the end of August. Make sure you’re on my list to get access to the September wrap-up! It’ll hit inboxes on September 30th.


I’ve been working on a personal project I’ve been working on for months (Yes, sometimes these roundups will include some of my own things). It’s felt like this one has been done almost entirely in the margins — in small snippets between client work. It’s almost surreal that it’s finally done. I’ve seen others rave about the power of personal projects and how they can bring in dream clients. I don’t do anything half assed, so I went all out for this one. You can view the project here. My last blog spilled the tea on this whole project from concept to completion

Fun Tools:

I love print. That’s no secret, I talk about it constantly. I’m always trying to develop fun new print methods that work for my clients budgets. In working on the little booklet that is included in each box of Orenson Salt Co. salt, I found that it wouldn’t stay closed. I didn’t want the booklet to be flapping open in all the photographs, so I had to troubleshoot this. I’ve been so inspired by another designer, Old City Mailroom, and her innovative ways of developing print for her clients. I had a vague memory of seeing her use a half circle tool on Instagram and went down the internet rabbit hole. I found this nifty little tool that’s used for working with leather, but it’s perfect for paper too. The set came with a wide range of them so I’m hoping to use them again for another project.

Font of the Month:

One of my go-to font resources is You Work For Them. They constantly have fonts on sale. We don’t need to talk about how many I’ve bought. It’s fine. Casta is on sale for stupid cheap. I’ve already purchased it. I don’t have a project in mind just yet, but when I find fonts that are just too good + inexpensive to pass up, I keep them in a folder on my desktop. They’re easily accessible so I can keep them top of mind when I’m exploring a new project.

Paper of the Month (is this a thing? We’ll see):

Recently, Mohawk came out with a new line of paper, Mohawk Renewal. It’s so dang cool! The entire line is made from hemp, straw, and recycled cotton textile. I’ve just ordered some envelopes (in flower) and notecards (in fiber white) for a client. The line also comes in stickers, and I’m just racking my brain for a way I can get letterpressed stickers done ASAP. I’m trying my hardest to convince the client that she needs letterpress business cards in wheat and flower! Just imagine – an ultra thick card in those colors with darker ink – so dreamy.


This isn’t something that’s live just yet, but a designer I admire from afar on Instagram, Laura Evans, is creating a packaging design course. She’s SO dang talented and I can’t wait to learn all the things from her. Sign up for her list to get updates (I’m signed up and eagerly open every email).