Quarter Three Check In


What. A. Year. We’re living in some sort of weird video game version of life, and it’s a wild, wild world out there. But, we adapt. We’ve just hit the beginning of Quarter Four, so it’s fitting to do a Quarter Three Check In!

Let’s take a look back at my 2020 goals:


  • Make $36,000 gross as a business. Done! I hit this back in early June. Things have slowed down a bit since, but I’m hoping to hit a stretch goal of $45,000. Fingers crossed! I have just one slot left this year, but am hoping to begin pre-booking 2021.
  • I’d like to start paying myself. Also done! I finally handed over bookkeeping to my accountant, and she’s also taken over payroll. It feels so ‘official’ to now to receiving an actual paycheck.


  • Create Case Studies. Eh. I still haven’t done this, and, I’m not sure if I see the point anymore.
  • Show up on Instagram, Pinterest, my blog, and my email list. Not to brag, but I’m crushing it on these platforms in regards to consistency. I set small, achievable goals and that was the key.
  • Grow my email list. Due to a great freebie and some amazing ads, I’ve way surpassed my email list goal. My goal by the end of the year was to have 500 people on my list, and I’m at around 800 now.

Check In’s like this are so helpful to see where we’ve come from. Let’s continue with our Quarter Three Check In!

  • Dedicated content writing time. This has definitely been accomplished, which is the only reason I’ve been able to show up consistently and intentionally.
  • Be featured as a guest blogger and a podcast guest. I remember being intimidated even typing those goals out. Well guys, they both happened early in the year. I’ve been on three podcasts so far this year. I’ve wanted to pitch to more, but right now doesn’t seem like the time to center another white voice.


  • Book 13 brand design clients. At the beginning of the year I established 13 Brand Design slots. My last open slot begins on October, 14. I’ve not booked three of the slots this year. Still, I’ve felt like I had a good workload all year. At no point did I think I could take on more work. That’s a sign to me that maybe next year I can go down to fewer bookings, but I’ll need to significantly increase my rates to make up that difference.
  • Dream projects: a skincare line, a food project, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. This year I’ve booked a food packaging project and a restaurant, so I’ll call that a win!

Well there you go friends, that’s my Quarter Three Check In Update! Now, I’m curious about you. How are you doing? Are your goals progressing, or have they been thrown to the wind due to you know, ALL THE THINGS (fires, hurricanes, viruses, loneliness, a contentious election season, killer hornets, just to name a few)? Hear me – no matter where you are, you’re doing a great job. Take care of yourselves friends.