How to Use Brand Patterns


Brand Patterns can be a fun deliverable element to any Brand Design. However, I don’t include brand patterns for every brand — sometimes it just doesn’t fit and that’s ok. I never want to provide something that doesn’t align with the brand. That will only confuse the client, and my job is to bring clarity. I always want to empower them to use their brand well on their own, if they’re not able to continue investing in our time together.

So, what is a brand pattern and how do you use it?

Most often, brand patterns are made up of some element of the brand, isolated and repeated. This can be a monogram mark, tagline, primary logo, illustration, or a mix of all the above.

Brand pattern on tissue paper for Kayley Lorraine

One of my all time favorite uses of brand patterns is on tissue paper.

I love using them on tissue paper for clients who send out goods regularly. These ranges from my candle client to a photography client who sends out gifts and albums. The unboxing experience is part of the brand experience, so don’t skimp on the details that will make a big impact with your clients.

Brand pattern in use for Izzy + Co, a high end photographer.

For an artist client, Morgan Auten Smith, we made a pattern of all her logo marks. This was applied it to shipping tape, so her customers can see right away where their box is from. This inspires excitement in them, and often people want to create unboxing videos once they realize where the package is coming from. Having your audience excited to share what they’ve received will always be a good thing for you! For Kayley Lorraine, we utilized her brand pattern through some fun envelope liners.

Though print is one of my favorite ways to use brand patterns, they can also be used digitally! My web partner, December Oak, does a great job pulling in the brand pattern on this website for our client, Royal India. Brand patterns can also be used digitally for social graphics, like Instagram graphics, or for Facebook or email header images.

Brand pattern on website

Brand patterns are a useful and fun way of reinforcing the brand without exhausting any other brand elements. How would you use your brand pattern?