Branding: Orenson Salt Co. —

Branding: Orenson Salt Co.


The process

This personal branding project has been one of my favorites to date. I love packaging, so this project was a way to explore that more and get some experience. In addition, it was a fun opportunity to use a bold color I’d been wanting to use for a while! The branding + packaging for Orenson Salt Co was a personal project, and it was done entirely in the margins of my busy schedule. Only having 15 minutes here and there or an hour in the evening to work on something means it takes a long time to complete! But, it is finished and Kayley Lorraine captured the most beautiful images of the packaging.

The brand

Harvested from deep coastal waters and hand-packaged on the shores of Salamis Island, every dash of Orenson Sisters sea salt promises to enhance fresh meat, fish, garden greens and more. Orenson Salt Co provides high end salts + seasonings to encourage gathering around the table together.

The strategy behind the brand

The Orenson Salt brand is bold and strategically minimal. Heavy emphasis is placed on the Grecian roots, which inspires the bold blue and white color palette. Because packaging was the first point of interaction, that was a key focus during the conception phase. As a result, the packaging was created to stand out on a busy shelf while telling their unique story.

Behind the scenes

Many other designers have shared lately how impactful personal projects can be, and I agree! I’m so glad I finally made the time to bring one to life. Most personal projects are shared using mockups, but my photographer has spoiled me too much, so I really went all out. You can read more about the process of bringing this personal projects to life here.