Branding: Izzy + Co —

Branding: Izzy + Co


The Izzy + Co brand

Izzy + Co is a high end photographer who specializes in fresh, vibrant wedding & portrait photography with an editorial approach. Izzy makes her clients confident and at ease in front of the camera so they can focus on being in love. This results in capturing truly unique moments.

The strategy behind the brand

The Izzy + Co logo is made up of a modern sans-serif type paired with a tagline and date of establishment to convey her expertise. Izzy’s target audience is higher end millennials with non-traditional weddings, so it was important to bring in a quirky element. That’s done through the slightly condensed font, while the rounded ‘C’ and ‘O’ convey sophistication. The resulting feeling is high end, friendly, and still a little funky, which speaks directly to her audience.

Print materials for Izzy + Co

Gorgeous print materials don’t have to break the bank. For Izzy + Co, we got a bit creative. We wanted to make a strong impression with the business cards, so a large chunk of the budget went towards gold foil printing. For the notecard, we chose to go with a budget digital printer on a nice thick stock. For the envelope, we ordered a lovely pink French Paper envelope and customized it with an embossing tool. Now, Izzy has a fun embossing tool she can use in other areas! Finally, we ordered some bold tissue paper + stickers to make a really strong impression with her client gifts.

What Izzy had to say;

“AnnaKate was incredible to work with and I 100% recommend her if you are ready to take your brand to the next level. Not only does she do BEAUTIFUL, elegant and high end design work, but she also helps you pinpoint exactly who your client is and the WHY behind your business and keeps your branding on track with those things in mind. When she says that she creates meaningful brands, she really truly does. My favorite part about working with AnnaKate was having her implement my new branding into printed collateral. She made the process so easy for me as she is the one that researched different printing companies, prices, papers, etc. She handled the process from start to finish which took another, otherwise consuming project, right off my plate. Now I have luxurious business cards that I’m proud to hand out. I also have really unique branded materials like custom tote bags that I send as thank you gifts to my clients and custom tissue paper that makes all of my client packages special. I couldn’t be more happy or more thankful for my time with AnnaKate and the upwards push her work has given my business.”

Photographs captured by Kayley Lorraine Photography