Branding: Kayley Lorraine Photography


The brand

Kayley Lorraine Photography is a storyteller capturing unique moments for businesses, brands, and people. She uses photography to bring things into light that have been kept unseen, yet need to be seen.

The strategy behind the Kayley Lorraine Photography brand

Overall, the new Kayley Lorraine brand is delicate, earthy, and inviting. The serif type seen in the branding represents her approachable and outgoing personality. The organic elements represent multiple methods of storytelling, which is at the heart of what she does. Every element of the brand icon, from the sun rays to the circular elements holds deep meaning. As a result, the feeling of the mark is timeless, warm and emotive.

Print materials for Kayley Lorraine Photography

Kayley wanted print materials that were both beautiful and reasonable priced. For that reason, we went with digital printing, while using a higher end paper. We embrace some of the grit of her brand with Speckletone French Paper, which we pair with a delicate envelope in her brand color.

What Kayley had to say;

“AnnaKate is an incredible designer who made my dream brand come to life. I knew I wanted a brand design that was earthy and timeless while completely unique from anything else. Needless to say, AnnaKate DID just that. Throughout the entire process, she was quick to respond and met every single deadline. I highly recommend Rhema Design Co for anyone who are wanting to take their business to the next level with high quality, modern designs.”

Photographs by Kayley Lorraine herself!