Branding: Rekindle Candle Co.


The brand

Rekindle Candle Co is an Athens based aromatherapy company promoting sustainability and giving back to the local community. They provide high quality products at approachable price points. Sustainability and giving back are at the very heart of what Rekindle does.

The strategy behind the brand

The target audience, young millennials, are eco-friendly and conscious of their impact on earth. Therefore, it was important to craft a brand that would speak to them by being welcoming and friendly. As a result, the style of the Rekindle branding, modern and earthy, reflects the products they create.

The process

Matt came to me with a simple logo and icon. He still liked the icon, but needed a more fully fleshed out brand to align with their growth goals, namely the opening of a physical location. I took the existing icon and logo and developed a full brand identity with a variety of marks, layouts, color, and a type system. This allowed us to move into the print phase with a strong brand identity.

Print materials for Rekindle Candle Co.

Like any candle business with a storefront, classes, and a variety of products, Rekindle needed a lot of print items! Rekindle candles are competitively priced, so for that reason we went with a mid range budget printer, PrintsWell. They were perfect for our needs for this project, and I was able to hand over ordering completely to Matt so he doesn’t have to go through me to order new items, which he does often. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do at Rekindle, and PrintsWell offers a great 100% recycled stock. In all, we ordered tissue paper, candle labels, notecards, business cards, postcards, and class instructions.

What Rekindle had to say;

“We hired AnnaKate to help with our branding for our candle business and wow were we blown away. She made some beautiful designs that we’re so excited to be using. She was patient with us and helped us figure out what we needed. The refinement rounds and brand strategy helped streamline the project and allow for things to go smoothly. Rhema Design Co. is efficient and easy to work with and we’d definitely recommend them for branding and design work.”