How to Utilize Your Brand Effectively on Your Site for Maximum Impact


Guest post from my web design partner, Stefani, of December Oak. She creates stunning a site for all of our clients!

One of the most common mistakes I see business owners make is they invest in a truly amazing and intentional brand, and rightfully so! But when it’s time to implement their brand throughout their business, they seriously drop the ball on their site. It’s so important to carry your brand through all the touchpoints your potential customers will encounter. It definitely feels easier to create a branded Instagram feed than a whole website. But creating cohesion is essential to having a clear message to your audience.

Have you ever been super impressed with a business because their brand and marketing was amazing but then you go to their site and whomp whomp…it’s a huge letdown? Imagine your dream client wanting to know more about you and then that trust being broken on your site. They expected quality and were thrown a huge curveball. You never want to set an expectation to a person newly discovering your business and they get the worst impression, it can be hard to shake. Here’s 4 ways to represent your brand best on your website and create a cohesive experience for your audience.

One | Use your logos throughout the site design

When you work with a brand designer, you’ll typically receive logos for different situations you could have when using them. Having variety is a fun way to incorporate your brand on your site visually. Your different logos also have different information about your business so this is a fun, subtle way to immerse visitors into your messaging throughout your design. It’s the easiest way to make a site feel all your own, whether it’s custom or a template.

Our shared client Elevate Events had so many beautiful logos to choose from so I used as many as I could throughout their design. AnnaKate had put so much thought into how they could be used so I incorporated smaller marks almost as though they were graphics and showcased the varied layouts in different spots, like the navigation bar, the footer, and the newsletter signup!

Two | Brings other visuals into your site design that ties to your message

Illustrations, patterns, and icons can add another layer of visual interest to your website. They can communicate your brand’s messaging when used along with your copy. I have illustrations on my own site to add a more artistic and human touch. My brand is more clean and neutral so the illustrations make it feel more personal. In contrast, my past client Janne has more organic and abstract graphics to communicate her love for photographing florals. These unique details throughout both sites makes the brand overall feel more intentional and the sites feel super custom. When using graphics however, make sure to use them sparingly. They can easily become overwhelming.

Three | Use your color palette in unexpected ways

When people are designing their websites, they tend to use the softest and most neutral colors from their palette and miss the opportunity to stand out with their distinct brand. Small pops of color are great, but using your colors in fun ways can make you jump off the screen if someone is looking at your site in a sea of open tabs.

Our past client Greenwood Events needed two different feelings with the same brand. Their sister brand The Top Rentals needed to be more neutral so the site didn’t clash with their catalog of beautiful rental items. We use the pops of blue and copper more on their main site which feels regal and refined while also being a fun surprise speaking to all the colors they incorporate into their events.

In contrast, our client Madeline Moore Events needed a really fun and bubbly approach because her brand was for younger couples. While still an event company, this site feels more light and playful. We incorporated her warm palette and even made the letters in the buttons look like confetti by strategically incorporating her whole color palette.

Four | Use your brand words or messaging to make design decisions

You can add special details to your design that speak directly to your brand’s messaging. This is my favorite part of the design process. You’re taking all of the thought and meaning behind your visuals and showcasing them on your site. This is how two businesses in the same industry can have small details that are different that attracts entirely different clientele. 

Let’s look at two photographers from Georgia. One, Amanda Olivia Photography, has a more refined and traditional approach. She is all about building a legacy for her clients and focusing on providing fine art film photography. We used line details to mimic frames and albums where you’ll hold your most favorite photos you have from your life. It also speaks to the details used often in wedding stationery.

On the other hand, Claire Diana Photography, is all about creating a fun and connected experience with her couples, seniors, and boudoir clients. We incorporated fun bright photography that looks like polaroids, making the photos more relatable. They are even angled to imply they were strewn throughout the website to make things more approachable and add a human touch.

Think of ways you can incorporate the why and reasoning behind your brand while choosing the small details about your site. It communicates quickly to the visitor what matters most to you.

You want to lean into your new brand while designing your site as much as you can. It should provide you with a whole system to make your business stand out and communicate your value, expertise, and unique approach. What are some ways you could add more details from your brand to your site?