Print Design and Selling It to Your Clients


Thumbnail of Print Design Types Guide Template

Let me guess. You love working with prints. You know they would add a tremendous amount of value to your clients’ brand packages. However, your clients aren’t keen on paying the high ticket cost that accompanies quality materials and you are nervous about selling print design to your clients. 

Sound familiar? Here’s some good news for you!

It is 100 percent possible to sell your clients on the idea of including print design in their branding.

Why is it important for you to educate your client during the design process?

As designers, it’s our responsibility to educate our clients on everything related to print material. From which items work best for their needs to explaining what the printing process looks like.

If your client isn’t aware of the value that print provides, they will opt for sticking with digital print. After all, investing in letterpress ($$$) is a much higher financial commitment than digital printing ($).

That’s why your role as an educator in the design process is crucial.

How to communicate the combined brand awareness print design brings to the table

Inevitably, you may be asking, “How am I supposed to accurately communicate the value print materials bring to a brand?” I’ve created TWO resources to help you!

  • The Print Types Explained Guide is everything you need to position yourself as an expert on printing methods. This guide is intended to be sent at the beginning of the print phase to help educate your clients. Want to know the best part? All the photographs and written copy are yours to use!

These two items will position you as the expert and bring knowledge to your clients. As a result, your clients will have an overall better experience!

Here’s a bonus tip: I use the ‘Blue Sky’ approach when I present quotes to clients who are not familiar with the design world or are not clear on what they are looking for. First, I present the most luxe, high-end items on the market. Then, we pare down the selections based on their budget. 

Although it may sound counterintuitive, showing clients a wide array of options allows them to visualize their full breadth of branding opportunities – helping them feel more comfortable with their final decision.