Launching Our New Website Design


New brand colors for our website design launch

We are finally finished with our rebrand! The final step in giving Rhema Design Co its completely new look was redoing our website design which launched on April 1.

Why we chose to rebrand

Since launching 4 years ago, RDC has settled into our niche and discovered who we love working with. We decided it was time to elevate our branding and messaging to align with the value we bring our clients.

Branding elements explained

Our new brand’s goal was to feel fancy AF, while still being approachable / not out of touch. High-end photographs are the first way that emotion came to life – Kayley Lorraine absolutely nailed it, like always!

When I realized I wanted to rebrand RDC, I decided to use bold new colors that would stand out.

Since print is so important to me, I wanted colors that I could source paper for without printing the color since they always turn out duller if they are printed.

If you’re looking into using print in your new branding, Mohawk Keaykolour will save the day! I chose four bold, beautiful, and elegant colors from their line for my new brand colors.

The website design process

Over the past 6 months, we:

  • Shot new branding photos
  • Created an entirely new brand including new typography, color palettes, print, and logos
  • And it was finally time to level up our website design

Stefani Lefler from December Oak took the new brand I made and created a STUNNING website that I’m beyond thrilled with.

I can genuinely say that Stefani’s client experience is like no other. She went above and beyond to help me set up the back end of the RDC shop. I’m not exaggerating when I say that if I didn’t have Stefani on my side, the shop would not have come to life.

Months before we began to work on my new site, we installed a tracker on my old site to collect data on what wasn’t converting clients. Stefani then used that data to solve problems and strategically design new layouts that would increase conversion rates.

Why I chose December Oak for my website design

There’s always a bitter-sweet turning point in growing a business. Although there wasn’t anything inherently “bad” about my old site, it no longer reflected the quality of services we offer nor attracted ideal clients. It was time to elevate RDC’s online presence.

Honestly, the December Oak portfolio speaks for itself. BUT Stefani’s client experience blew me away.

To learn more of the strategy behind my new site, visit Stefani’s blog!