The Ultimate Brand Strategy Workshop —

The Ultimate Brand Strategy Workshop



A few years ago I shared my brand strategy process and the process my clients go through along their branding journey.

Since then, I have restructured the way I approach my brand strategy process and added quite a few nuggets. I’m peeling back the curtain once again to show you what I’ve changed and the impact it has on my clients.

How did I change my brand strategy sessions?

In December, I completely overhauled my strategy process. I wanted to provide more value for my clients and get them even more impactful results.

After reading “The Brand Gap” by Marty Neumier, I now wait until the strategy phase to propose any touchpoint details. This is to ensure that every piece of collateral you receive you actually need and will find useful. Because my new brand strategy process is much more robust, I’ve extended my project timeline by 3 days.

I realized that a questionnaire form, no matter how thorough it is, cannot capture the essence of a brand and the emotion that you share with it. So, to make sure the brand we create is perfectly aligned with the messaging you want to convey, I’ve added an in-depth workshop!

What happens in our brand strategy workshop?

How do we pinpoint the exact emotions you want your clients to experience then transform that into a brand?

By asking LOTS of questions!

Honestly, some of them may feel repetitive but it’s all part of the process. By asking similar questions and approaching topics from multiple angles, we are able to extract certain key phrases and ideas that consistently surface. We then use these themes to direct the project.

The primary purpose of our call is for us to dig deep into the meaningful emotion that surrounds your company. Natural conversations are the best way for that to happen! An added bonus is that, through our conversations, my clients feel heard and like we are partnering on this brand adventure together.

How can you schedule a brand strategy workshop session?

Submit a contact form to inquire about how a brand strategy workshop can transform your brand today!

Kind words

“Thank you so much for your hard work! I feel so seen through the strategy you put together, thank you for your hard work!”

– Zach

“I am so impressed with the work you have done. I couldn’t agree more that you’ve nailed it. I’m truly thankful for the work you have put into this and your uncanny ability to capture me and my work.”

– Kreg