The #1 Mindset Shift for Graphic Designers


woman graphic designer with a mindset shift

Have you ever struggled with feeling like no matter how strategic or beautiful your designs are, you still aren’t making a lasting impact in your client’s business? A few years ago, I ran across the idea of creating a sunshine folder and it has made a world of difference on days that I need a mindset shift!

Do you have a sunshine folder? If not, you need one!

I know the name is a little cheesy, but it’s one of my favorite tools for the hard days.

What is a sunshine folder?

A sunshine folder is a place where I store all of the sweet things my clients say.

Here’s how it works – when a client says something really kind, screenshot their message and put it in your sunshine folder! Do this every time you receive a message that warms you up inside.

When you feel like you “can’t do it anymore” (which as an entrepreneur will happen eventually), take a few minutes to read through that folder. It’s the best way to remind yourself of the impact you’re making on your clients!

I’ve been building my sunshine folder for a while and it’s honestly been one of the best mindset shifting tools I use.

I was fired by a client for the first time last year. As you can guess, I used my sunshine folder QUITE a bit in the following weeks! When I focused on the positive I realized the 14/15 clients were thrilled with their time with me.

This mindset shift allowed me to view a potentially devastating moment as a learning opportunity. Not every client is a good match for you, and that is totally OKAY!

When would you need a mindset shift?

Here are a few of the ways I regularly use my folder to help me shift my mindset:

  • Wrestling with how to bring a brand strategy to life
  • Trying a new technique and am nervous about the outcome
  • Experiencing issues with a print company

Message me on Instagram and let me know when you decide to start your sunshine folder. I would love to send you a note to put in it!