Why is Brand Rationale Important?


Brand rationale is the main difference between a comprehensive brand and a simple logo. A complete brand has a deeper meaning and the collateral is an extension of the business’ why and values.

One of my favorite things in a project’s preliminary stages is to conduct a 2-hour brand strategy workshop with my client. This call allows us to dig deep into the company’s values, vision, story, and goals.

Not only do strategy workshops bring immense clarity for me and my clients; it is also one of the best ways for participants to get super excited about the branding process.

To learn more about why I migrated away from strategy questionnaires to a workshop format, read my blog, The Ultimate Brand Strategy Workshop.

Zach Barron brand rationale in action

Because brand rationale is fundamental in communicating your brand messaging, it usually takes time to develop. Some designs take creative wrestling for me to truly embody the company’s values, mission, and story in the finished brand.

Zach’s brand just flowed right out of me.

Part of that creative ease happened because of the working friendship that Zach and I have developed over the months. His welcoming nature and inclusive values allowed me to transfer those to his new branding.

The Zach Barron brand is a great example of why strategy workshops go hand in hand with creating a custom brand rationale.

Part of the work Zach does includes coming alongside his clients in capturing their mark on the world. What better way to represent a mark than a thumbprint. The oval shape captures that meaning without being too obvious.
brand rationale 3
The vertical lines on either side of the oval mark form a frame. The frame symbolizes the moments and memories Zach captures through his photography.
brand rationale 4
Eyes are the mirror to the soul, so the eye is included in the icon mark since Zach captures the soul of who they are through the work he does. 
brand rationale 5
The final element is an abstract representation of shaking hands, representing the partnership Zach forms with all of his clients and the way he walks alongside them through the process. 

Here’s what Zach had to say about our time together:

“AnnaKate is THE BEST! I first reached out to her a few months back and it was the best decision I have made for my business thus far. From our very first call to the final delivery, I have been blown away by her attention to detail, thoughtful design practices, and personalized yet efficient client experience.

When I look at my new branding, I see so much of my heart and purpose behind what I do — all thanks to her in-depth strategy and talent.” – Zach Barron