Brand Touchpoint Examples: Elevate Events


If you’ve been here for any length of time you’ve heard me harp on about the importance of and share brand touchpoint examples. Any time a potential client interacts with your brand, they’re experiencing those touchpoints whether they’re thoughtfully considered or not.

In order to give the best experience possible, these are things you should consider! (If you want to learn more about touchpoints, I have a great training you may want to snag!)

Creating thoughtful touchpoints every step of the way is key to creating happy clients. Happy clients talk about you in a positive way, which turns into warm leads (my favorite). Happy clients also are return clients. Here’s a perfect example.

One of my favorite brand touchpoint examples

I worked with Elevate Events back in 2019 to develop their branding. At the time, they were investing a lot into the brand and a new website (crafted by talented web partner December Oak) and weren’t ready to invest in print materials.

In late 2020, they returned to me ready to work together again. This time, for business cards and some sort of packet they could hand out to potential / touring clients.

We developed this stunning custom folder. The folder has a variety of inserts so it’s customizable for each tour.
The business cards are letterpress (of course) using Mohawk Keaykolour Steel, which is a perfect match for their brand blue.
Elevate Events has several employees so we letterpressed the icon on one side, and digitally printed the employee names on the other to keep the cost down (letterpress requires a new plate for every variation, so that would have been significantly more expensive).
The folders are handcrafted and have the Elevate Events logo embossed on the front.

This project was an absolute dream to create. Elevate Events brand was crafted to be high-end, and these print materials carry out that feeling tangibly.

And guess what?

They’re coming back this month to work together again! This time, we’re working together to craft a thoughtful client gifting experience.

Think tissue paper, a custom candle, thank you card, and a branded notebook. How dreamy!

Remember happy clients become returning clients. And returning clients become family.