Rekindle’s Data-Driven Branding Results


Data-Driven Branding - Fall Candle Decor

People often list intangible ways (such as confidence and elevated client experience) that a brand can uplevel a company. But what are the actual data-driven branding results that are quantifiable and make a financial impact on the company?

The Branding Timeline

I started working with Rekindle in May 2019. At that point, Matt was making each candle by hand in his kitchen! Talk about dedication…

When they came to me, they were looking to expand their company into a storefront and had recently switched their candle packaging from tin cans and burlap to glass containers.

Fast forward to May of 2021 and they had expanded their space to four times the size it had been in 2019. In addition to their candles, they now also sell blankets, water bottles, note cards, dried florals, tons of plants, and the list goes on!

As of October 7, 2021, they have already hit and surpassed their income from last year. Not surprisingly, 40-45% of their revenue comes in the last 3 months of the year. Meaning – they’re on track to at least triple their revenue from last year.

I took these pictures when I visited the new Rekindle storefront!

Here are the Data-Driven Branding Results You’ve Been Waiting for…

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

Since our first time working together, Rekindle has been able to transition from solely selling candles at the local farmer market to building a brand that lives in a brick and mortar.

Each year, Matt and his team at Rekindle have been able to quadruple their sales from the previous year.

By gaining clarity on who their target audience is (and is not), the team has been able to standardize their products so that the production process is smoother and more streamlined. This has resulted in lower production costs!

EVERY part of the client touchpoints are thoughtfully considered and branded:

  • Warning labels
  • Tissue paper
  • Burn tip cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Stickers
  • Business cards
  • Shipping tape
  • Stamps for shipping boxes
  • Instruction cards for classes

How does this contribute to their data-driven branding results?

Clients know and love their products largely because they love the Rekindle brand and what they stand for! From the moment a customer steps foot into their store till the day their candle burns down completely, that customer is experiencing the Rekindle brand. This has created their massive loyal returning customer base and has allowed them to start expanding the wholesale side of their business.

The best part is how much they’ve been able to pour back into their community through contracting with other local vendors, hiring 7 employees, bringing hygge to their customer’s homes, and creating a genuine community around their core values.

Photo credits: Kayley Lorraine

Kinds words from the client

I chose to invest in a brand because we were going to be exposed to people in other places than just the farmer’s market. Like more than people I could talk to. I needed the brand to speak for itself in a sense. There’s going to be points of times where I’m not at the store and I need it to speak for itself because I can’t.

Having the brand gave me confidence and a sense of pride. It spurred me on to enjoy it and do more of it. And the customer got a taste of that as well. We’ve gone from tin cans and mason jars to a sleek looking candle company. We’ve gained a sense of respect and confidence that we didn’t know were even missing. It unveiled value that previously wasn’t there. The product has always had value, but the brand added its own value while showcasing the existing value. We got our biggest wholesale order last week and that would not have been possible without the brand.

Matt, CEO & Founder of Rekindle

Want to build a brand that will have quantifiable results?

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