Marigold Design House


Marigold Design House is a sister-owned event planning company creating one-of-a-kind events. Located in the Pacific Northwest, these women are a powerhouse in the South Asian wedding and event market. They needed a brand identity that reflected the exquisite service and luxury weddings they provide their clients.

Marigold Design House’s new branding is refined and lavish yet tasteful and approachable. We accomplish this through creating custom illustrations and incorporating an opulent color palette. The intention was to create a brand that attracts clients interested in high end weddings. Additionally, it was important to position them as being relatable and personable.

Print Items

It’s no secret I love brand design. However, I thrive when bringing a brand to life through print design. For instance, you can see Elevate Events as an example!

After finishing brand, we moved into print production. For print items, we took a minimal approach, focusing on bright white paper with a pop of the brand marigold color in the envelopes. We went with some of my favorite go-to print items; a business card (in a unique size), a notecard with an envelope, and a letterhead. These four simple items allow MDH to have a cohesive and branded client experience. The envelopes had a clear raised foil of a marigold flower for an extra brand touch. In conclusion, an envelope liner with the custom illustrations finish off the experience.

The approachable text and color palette will pair well with the ornate marigold illustrations to attract their target audience. Above all, the new brand captures what Marigold Design House offers while being approachable and high end.