Catrina Photography


Catrina Photography is a project that a past client rejected, and it was just TOO good to not repurpose into a creative project. I used the same concept, just changed the names. I ordered print materials and had them photographed by my talented photographer, Kayley Lorraine!

I’m still over the moon with this brand. Icons can be difficult for me, but this one just came together so easily. The brand pulls in elements of French architecture, which inspires the client. Look how dreamy this is!

Catrina is a portrait and wedding photographer documenting moments and memories. She tells these unique stories by documenting the fleeting and in between moments in life. Catrina Photography places a heavy emphasis on heirloom items with her bespoke printing services. 

Because of her own emphasis on heritage photography and heirloom print pieces, we wanted to incorporate intricate, timeless elements into her brand. Since Catrina’s work has been heavily influenced by French architecture, we embodied this in a custom, illustrated crest mark.

Catrina is a warm person by nature so it was vital that her warmth intertwine with her brand. Through the use of customized typography, an one-of-a-kind illustration mark, and heartfelt taglines, the new Catrina Photography brand is sophisticated and stunning – the perfect combination to attract her idea clients.

Print Items

Of course I had to develop print items for the brand! If you’ve been here for even a second, you know print design and production are a passion of mine. I love bringing brands to life tangibly! Since this was a passion project now, I couldn’t do luxe printing, so I stuck with my budget printer. I ordered a notecard, business cards, and a letterhead.

For the project photoshoot, I crowd sourced from my wedding photographer friends and collected some amazing props – ring boxes, ribbon, and vintage stamps. I ordered some hand made envelopes in a brand color and had them hand lettered. Next up, I sourced a background fabric and we were ready to go for the shoot. As a result of this prep work and having a great photographer, the images are stunning. Kayley is incredibly talented and has spoiled me – I’ll never use mockups again!