Kreg McCune Pottery


Kreg McCune Pottery is a maker of functional wares crafted from stoneware, porcelain and hand-mixed glazes. He crafts functional pots with an emphasis on simple, timeless and artful lines. Kreg McCune is a respectful steward of the natural world crafting tableware with simplicity in mind.

Kreg McCune Pottery creates everyday objects that are functional, beautiful, and intentionally hand-crafted. His work has an emphasis on simplicity and uniformity. We carried that into the brand design with simple, timeless and artful lines. As a result, the brand is minimal, but with a high level of skill hidden in the simplicity. There are unique variabilities in the text and custom illustrations. The brand is calming, grounding, intentional and organic. 

For instance, the soft serif ensures a welcoming tone, while the unique ligatures in the body copy add balance and a modernity. Kreg’s new brand includes custom hand drawn illustrations. These illustrations are a nod to the unique variations in his own work. The organic illustrations balance with the typography to create a warm and modern brand. 

Kreg McCune Pottery Social Graphics

In addition, we created social graphics for Kreg McCune Pottery. Kreg needed social graphics to promote his work. So, we created a variety of Instagram Story & Feed templates.

In his words

“From start to finish it was a pleasure working with AnnaKate. Not only a talented brand strategist and designer, AnnaKate runs her business in a thoughtful, clear and well communicated, data-driven way while remaining true to a project’s timeline. Well done AnnaKate!”

Take a look at Kreg’s work here.