Zach Barron Visuals


Zach approached me early last year about branding Zach Barron Visuals. We went well over our allocated time on the discovery call because we hit it off so well. Our stories are so similar and he felt like an immediate friend. In fact, now he is a friend! And, I’ve had the experience of being the subject of his lens and can attest to the incredible experience he provides his clients. I’ve never felt more comfortable during a photoshoot!

Zach Barron is an inclusive documentary style wedding and elopement photographer who tells stories through intentional and honest photographs. He has a talent for capturing the essence of his subjects; their heart and soul. Zach makes his subjects feel seen. Simply put, he captures love stories. Zach aims to make everyone feel welcomed, seen and celebrated.

We developed the brand for Zach Barron Visuals to be warm and welcoming of all. Zach’s word inspires emotion, so we selected a type that reflected that same emotion. This type makes up the headers and body copy.

Zach excels at capturing intimate moments, so emotive typography was a must have. We used textures throughout for a slightly gritty nature, since intimacy and candid moments can be gritty. The muted and earthy tones are welcoming and friendly. The custom icon developed for Zach has deep meaning that speaks to the very core of his work. You can learn more about the intentional meaning of the brand icon here.

It’s become a favorite of mine to develop icons with deep meaning. Once the client is educated on the meaning behind their brand, they become an advocate for it.

Print Items

Print materials carried through the warm and grit through leather like paper, speckle tone paper, and laid paper envelopes, a texture used throughout the brand. We moved forward with business cards, note cards, and embossed envelopes. These simple items allow Zach to continue his high end client experience apart from the photoshoot itself.

In Zach’s Words

“When I look at my new branding, I see so much of my heart and purpose behind what I do — all thanks to her in depth strategy and talent. I truly cannot thank her enough for the work she did for my brand. She is not only exceptional at what she does, but a wonderful + kind person as well.”

Zach is based in Atlanta and New York City. If you’re looking for a photographer, I can’t recommend him enough. You can view his work here.