Avere Wealth Management; Standing Out from Competitors


Avere Wealth Management Brand Design

Avere Wealth Management came to me with a clear goal: to stand out from competitors in a unique, captivating, and meaningful way. Obviously, I was up for the challenge.

Avere Wealth Management is an independent Certified Financial Planner ® offering tangible, tailored advice for C-Suite executives and minority entrepreneurs. Their mission is to educate, advise, and help implement strategies to give their clients great financial independence, confidence, peace, and security. Being a partner and trusted advisor, Avere Wealth Management acts in the best interest of their clients to ensure the client gets what they deserve. They are the client’s ultimate fan. 

As providers of a high-end, full-service experience, and a one-stop shop for all things financial planning, Avere Wealth Management needed to have a thoughtful, well-developed brand identity – something their competitors lacked. This was a huge opportunity to set them apart.

We knew the offerings and personality were largely what sealed the deal, but the branding is what gets the audience to that point. 

While studying the competition and other firms in the financial sector, I pinpointed themes that needed to be avoided in order to catch the customer’s eyes:

  • Boring logos
  • Basic websites
  • Bad photography
  • Confusing copy

By coming out strong in these areas, Avere Wealth Management would be miles above any competitor! The personality, candor, and comprehensive offering will keep them, while the brand will reel them in. The challenge was to appeal to both of their audiences – C-Suite executives and minority entrepreneurs. So let’s get into how we did this.

Design Rationale

The typography chosen was a modern sans-serif to appeal to a range of audiences. It comes across as high-end but friendly and welcoming. Avoiding serif types that can feel stuffy speaks to their no BS approach.

The mark evokes peace, luxury, and competence. The primary logo represents what Avere Wealth Management offers and speaks to who they offer it to with a level of understated elegance.

It is simple and straight to the point.

Icon Rationale

The icon mark has deep meaning and is designed intentionally to represent Avere Wealth Management. It perfectly captures the understated wealth that speaks to the target audience. Let’s go into a bit of detail:

  • The three circles surrounding the mark represent the three core tenants of the business — educate,
    advise, and implement. They also draw the eye around the mark and form a crest shape within the overall circle.
  • The double circles enclosing the mark represent Avere Wealth Management and the client.
  • The double circles are connected by three lines and the three circles. This represents the relationship between Avere Wealth Management and its clients developed through those three tenants.
  • Squares read as strong and stable marks, so this is the perfect element to balance the mark and bring it all together.

To say we nailed this branding is an understatement. Branding design can’t be done without a thorough competitor analysis. The final product brought their vision to life, with a high-end, functional, captivating brand that will help Avere Wealth Management stand out among the masses.

Here’s how the client reacted:

“Are tears an acceptable form of feedback? I love it!!! Totally exceeded my expectations!”

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