Print: Royal India


Royal India Print design for their catering flyer

I worked with Royal India on a major brand refresh for their restaurant and catering business a few months back. After finalizing their brand strategy and packaging for their delicious hand-crafted foods, it was time for the restaurant’s branding to move into print!

Below is the full scope of work that needed to be done:

  • Catering flyer
  • Product flyer
  • Menu design
  • Business cards

So basically, the print necessities for any restaurant and catering business.

The Catering Flyer

The catering flyer was used to promote the catering business. With the new and improved brand identity and photography to go with it, the print for this came together so beautifully and cohesively.

The Product Flyer

The product flyer went along with their products and was used to advertise them in different markets around the Pacific Northwest.

Menu Design

Duh! An in-house menu is always necessary. It is especially necessary to have the menu design be cohesive with the other print designs.

Business cards

And lastly, business cards are key for establishing relationships for the food and catering elements of the business.

We were working on this project right as the world fell apart in March 2020, so obviously budget changed and some design elements had to be taken out of the equation. Instead of doing the ideal design for a lot of these items, like letterpress, gold foil, and colored paper, we went with more basic printing that was budget friendly.

But as you can see, the end result is still a luxe and high-end print design!

I have such a soft spot for working with independent restaurants. A few other industries I love working with are handmade products, artistic photographers and storytellers, sustainable eco-friendly products, lifestyle e-commerce brands, innovative retail spaces, and food trucks. If you are ready to invest in elevating your brand, inquire here and let’s get started!