The Value in Branding Through Print Materials


It’s no secret that branding brings immense value to a business. But sometimes branding can be hard to quantify when it’s only digital files that are being handed over. This is certainly not to discredit the power and necessity of branding by any means (read about the importance of brand strategy and brand voice). It’s valuable no matter what deliverables are being handed over.

But today, I want to talk about tangible branding through print materials and the value it brings:

Let’s walk through a few projects where we created tangible deliverables:

Elevate Events

Elevate Events is an event planning company run by a sister duo in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve worked with Elevate on multiple projects, like brand touchpoints and brand identity, so they have a special place in my heart. They came back to me wanting to improve their client experience and better connect with vendors with branding through print material. Going on tours is very common for them so to enhance the experience, we created custom folders made with inserts that can be switched out based on the purpose of the tour.

Here’s what they had to say about our time working together:

“WOW. Working with AnnaKate was so much fun. As busy planners and business owners, she made the process so easy for us. She is professional, kind, and super creative, and if we could do the process all over again, we absolutely would.”

Elevate Events

Zach Barron Visuals

Zach Barron is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Zach prides himself on a stellar process, so we needed print assets that contributed to the client experience. So for their branding through print materials, I developed letter-pressed business cards (since referrals are big for him) and note cards with embossed flaps. He writes personalized thank you notes on his branded stationery for every single client, which again enhances the client experience and makes them feel cared for.

Here’s what Zach had to say about the print experience:

“Working with Anna Kate was the most wonderful experience from start to finish. When it came to print, I had no idea where to even begin, but she made the entire process feel like a breeze. I was having trouble nailing down what I wanted in terms of my print materials, but she came up with the most unique and intentional ideas and perfectly executed them. The final result took my breath away. Whenever I hand out one of my business cards, people quite literally gasp and ask me who created them! I can’t thank Anna Kate and her team enough for bringing my vision to life and taking my business to the next level.”

Zach Barron

Avere Wealth Management

Avere Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm based in Atlanta, GA. Alleson takes on high-end investment clients, so we needed to create luxe print items that reflected that clientele and would stand out from competitors. We did just that! The print materials that were created included business cards, envelopes, and note cards and were designed with paper that is high-end and evokes luxury, along with the premium letterpress and foil printing.

Here’s what Alleson had to say about the branding experience:

“Hands down, my time with you has been the most valuable! You were up for the challenge to tackle a different industry and knocked it out of the park!”

Avere Wealth Management

I love branding, but branding through print materials is where my heart truly lies. I thrive when bringing identity systems to life through print. If I’m being completely honest, the ability to do that and provide tangible deliverables is rare in my industry. There’s really a huge gap for successful, strategic print design and production.

It’s a hard-earned skill for me and something I’m very proud to have learned and become an expert in over the years. I’m proud to seamlessly lead clients through the brand design process and hand over tangible assets at the end.

If this is something your business is lacking, or maybe you want to learn more about branding through print materials, book a call and let’s chat about how I can help!