Want To Become an Expert in Print Production?


want to become an expert in print production?

It took years of researching, watching YouTube videos, and gaining experience before I became an expert in print production. It can be extremely overwhelming starting out, as there’s a lot to learn before offering it as a service. I felt this overwhelm but was well aware of its power to elevate a client’s brand. While learning to become an expert in print production, I fell in love with the print production process.

Once I became an expert in print production, designers started asking me how I learned everything and where the heck to begin. It was at this moment that I realized there was an extreme gap in the market for print production education. I knew I needed to create a complete step-by-step course to provide for designers. A course that I myself could not find when learning to become an expert in print production.

So here I am years later, launching my very first evergreen course, Profitable Print Process, focusing on the ins and outs of print production. This course will allow you to create a bespoke client experience, confidently offer print design services, provide more value to your clients, and become an expert in print production.

want to become an expert in print production?

Print design can be an incredibly powerful tool in elevating the client experience.

Arguably, it’s the most underrated way of improving their experience! People often remember their last interaction with a product-based business or service provider. By implementing thoughtful printed touch points, that last interaction can be instantly turned into a positive memory. 

Print design is an extension of the brand and should be considered just as carefully and strategically. It has the power to set a brand apart, make the audience feel valued, and create returning, loyal customers. 

It’s a myth that print is dead. Custom print has the power to elevate your clients’ brands tremendously while also painting you as an expert in print production with your clients.

So what’s included in the Profitable Print Process?


Resources: AI / IND Templates, Print Terminology Guide
• Terminology
• Color profiles
• Types of printing
• Paper finishes, coatings & weights
• Sizing standards

After module one, you’ll feel confident with ALL the print terminology you could ever need to know. And, you’ll know more about paper than you ever thought you’d need to!


Resources: Budget Questionnaire, Print Approval Form, Asana Board, Content Collection Email Swipe File
• The print process
• Budget
• Client education
• Ideal design approach
• Presenting print
• Upcharging

Module Two provides you with the resources you need to lead your client through the printing process with confidence.


Resources: Sending to Print Checklist, Email Swipe File for Print Quote
• Saving for print
• Sending to print
• Receiving & distributing print

After going through Module Three, you’ll know how to send designs to print without any hiccups.


Resources: Swatchbook Recommendations
• Print resources
• Collecting paper swatchbooks
• Collecting print samples

Module Four will empower you to gather your own swatchbooks AND know how to use them.


Resources: Vendor List
• Finding & developing a vendor list
• Working with printers

Working with printers can feel scary. Module Five teaches you how to, step by step.


Resources: Photoshoot Prep Checklist
• Sharing your projects
• Conducting a photoshoot

Module Six will give you tips on how to share your stunning project!


You’ve now become an expert in print production!

Student alumni that have become experts in print production…

“The Profitable Print Process is a must-have for any designer looking to bring their client’s designs to life. AnnaKate takes us through the basic terms, processes, real examples, and resources to become an expert in print production today. I have learned a lot of new things but also gained reassurance on some things I was doing correctly. In the past, I always found myself winging the print process learning little bits on each project. I hadn’t found a course to take that gave you the confidence in print coordination – until now. I can’t wait to put this course to use on my next project. Thank you, AnnaKate!”


“Enrolling in the Profitable Print Process was such a great investment of my time and money! AnnaKate packed SO much valuable information into this course, it’s a STEAL! Now I feel so much more confident guiding clients through the custom print process and working with printers! I’ve truly become an expert in print production. I highly recommend PPP!”


“Knowing AnnaKate’s outstanding print work, signing up was a no-brainer to me. I’ve taken courses on packaging before but I found that the processes can’t always be applied for more standard printed products like business cards or thank you cards. I always just winged that part of the process and probably more often than not left money on the table. After taking PPP, I have a much better understanding of how to handle any type of print project, how to create boundaries, and set my pricing in a way that’s fair to me and my clients. As a European designer with both local and international clients, I also appreciated AnnaKate’s efforts to make the content not just U.S.A.-specific. I highly recommend this course to designers who want to offer a more high-end experience for their clients without leaving money on the table.


“I have been wanting to offer print services to my clients for a while. I’ve designed things in the past but was never confident nor did I have the proper knowledge in all things print. Rhema Design Co. (AnnaKate) perfectly and efficiently went over print terminology, types of printing, types of papers, sizing, etc. She broke everything into bite-sized chunks which made it easier for me to consume the information. Not only were the videos and information helpful, but she also provided amazing resources: where to find paper swatches, color swatches, email swipe files, etc. AnnaKate over delivered in this course! I highly recommend anyone wanting to offer printing services to clients and become an expert in print production to invest in her course. Thank you so much!”