What You Need to Know When Saving Projects for Print


saving projects for print

You’re not alone in asking this question, “how do I save for print?” In fact, I get it ALL the time! It’s such an important aspect of print production (and one that seems so simple), that you almost forget there’s more to it than just hitting “save”.

Print projects are notoriously time-consuming and can be challenging to manage. When you’re working with a client, there’s often back-and-forth about the details of their design. And when it comes to actually preparing the files for print (like saving projects for print), there are in fact different factors to consider. Not to worry, I’m here to share my print production expertise with you.

When you’re ready to send a project to print, you may feel like you can just save the working file as a PDF and call it a day.

But, just because you CAN do that doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Here are some things to consider when saving projects for print:

  • Do NOT send to print without actually seeing it in print size. It can be as simple as printing it out from your at-home printer.
  • Consider accessibility: I have a weakness for very small fonts—that’s not accessible to everyone!
  • Check your color mode! Don’t forget about CMYK or RGB mode and make sure everything is going in with the correct settings.
  • Don’t send messy files to the printer—clean up your layers. If there are multiple versions of the same image, don’t include them both in your file. Choose one version and delete or hide the other ones.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when saving projects for print, whether you’re handling production or handing it off to the client.

Profitable Print Process goes even further into detail on how to send to print. There’s an entire lesson covering everything you need to know, and a checklist resource to make sure you’re not missing any steps (who doesn’t love a checklist?!).

Print design can be an incredibly powerful tool in elevating the client experience, so it’s important to execute it efficiently, professionally, and accurately. Print design is an extension of the brand and should be considered just as carefully and strategically. It has the power to set a brand apart, make the audience feel valued, and create returning, loyal customers. 

To become an expert in print production, improve the client experience, and increase your client’s profits, enroll in Profitable Print Process and get started today!