Client Experience for Brand & Print Designers


client experience

Client experience is something that is often overlooked when it comes to running a design business. Meanwhile, this is arguably the most important aspect of your business to nail down.

client experience

Now think about your client experience for a second…

Would you say your client experience is top notch or is there room for improvement? Have you mapped out every step in your customer journey and filled in any gaps?

The client experience is something that I’ve excelled at over the years with my own clients, and what I’m going to help you excel at as well!

Not surprisingly, one of my favorite ways to do it is through print, which makes sense for most of my clients. Little touch points like branded tissue paper, A-frame signage, and matchboxes make a world’s difference in the customer experience. But to identify all these different areas, you have to walk through the customer journey.

Now you may be thinking, “AnnaKate, how do I walk through the customer journey?!” Don’t worry, friend. This free training will help you do just that! AND, it comes with two free resources – a customer experience map and print ideas to improve their experience.

The client experience training will equip you to offer a high-touch, high-end experience. Learn how to strategically build and identify potential touchpoints that will uplevel your client experience process, and apply these strategies to your own clients and their customers.

People remember their last interaction with you. It’s what will make them want to come back for more, leave an excellent review, and refer you to a friend. They’ll leave feeling more than satisfied with your services, and that’s all we can ask! So make sure that the last interaction is a good one.

Access the free training here start improving your client experience today!

client experience