Hello, I’m AnnaKate

(she/her) Brand + Print Designer behind Rhema Design Co.

Like you, I’ve always found myself drawn to things that are designed to be both beautiful and functional. With simplicity and minimalism in mind, I craft custom visual brand identities and print designs for creative entrepreneurs who run businesses with an impactful mission.

When I’m not collaborating with clients on brand strategy or designing from my Athens-based studio, you can usually find me obsessing over mid-century modern furniture, browsing the shelves of my local library for historical fiction novels, watching Starstruck from bed, or trying to remember the last time I watered my plants. I can’t wait to meet you!

We will stretch beyond what looks “pretty” to give you a powerful and prominent brand identity that is custom tailored to fit you and your ideal audience. By aligning your visual branding with your brand strategy, we will fully communicate your brand story through our designs.

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In abundance of clarity, here are a few of our key values:

— Black Lives Matter
— Trans women are women and trans men are men
— Love is Love

To be quite frank, if you don’t agree with these basic human rights, then we’re not a good fit to work together.

You can read more about our deeply rooted values here and our anti-racism statement and action steps here, a list which will grow and evolve as we continue to learn.

visual branding for creative entrepreneurs

We are here to eliminate distractions, clarify your message, and shine a light on what truly matters to your audience. 

We do this through our one concept method, which helps us strategically refine your brand identity by presenting one well-researched, beautifully designed concept based on your brand foundation. 

What results is a purposefully crafted brand design that’s all your own. See more into our process here.

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We offer both full-service brand, collateral, and print design and resources for fellow designers and business owners to better their business.

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