Brand Design / Print Collateral /  Creative Direction


*Project was speculative and done independently


Catrina is a portrait and wedding photographer documenting moments and memories that will be cherished for generations to come. She tells these unique stories by documenting the fleeting and in between moments in life. Catrina Photography places a heavy emphasis on heirloom items with her bespoke printing services. 

Because of her own emphasis on heritage photography and heirloom print pieces, we wanted to incorporate intricate, timeless elements into her brand. Since Catrina’s work has been heavily influenced by French architecture, we embodied this in a custom, illustrated crest mark.

Catrina is a warm person by nature so it was vital that her warmth intertwine with her brand. Through the use of customized typography, an one-of-a-kind illustration mark, and heartfelt taglines, the new Catrina Photography brand is sophisticated and stunning - the perfect combination to attract her idea clients.

Concept website by our partner December Oak.

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