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Tom Thornton




Tom Thornton is a wedding and elopement photographer based in St. Paul, Minnesota, who specializes in authentic imagery for deeply connected, adventurous souls. He focuses on the beauty in the mundane and captures meaningful images by tearing the fluff away. Tom documents the intimate moments that will matter most years from now. Because of the deep intentionality of his own work, it was important his branding reflected his work’s emotive nature.

The new Tom Thornton Photography brand has a diverse range of marks to be used throughout his various touchpoints. Our goal was to develop a creative, bold, and inviting brand. To bring that to life, we used a unique serif in all lowercase letters and an unexpected pop of neon to grab attention. Although the primary logo is minimal, the numerous secondary marks provide many more opportunities for emotional connection with the audience.

In tom's words

"When I was looking for a partner on this project, I wasn't quite sure it was the right time for me to be considering making a leap like this for my business. But, after talking with AnnaKate and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Her eagerness to learn about me and my business, thoughtful ideas and creative eye, and overall joyful spirit were quite the light in a year like no other… AnnaKate, you knocked it out of the park and then some. Thanks for your incredible work, and everyone would be lucky to work with you!"

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While we don't offer websites, we partner with an incredibly talented designer who does. Stefani from December Oak creates stunning websites with the impactful brands we create.