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At Rhema Design Co, we blend brand strategy with distinguishable brand design to create a comprehensive visual marketing experience. We intentionally partner with a select number of clients each month so we can give them our full attention.

Paired with our one concept method, our brand strategy and design process will help you craft your core message, deeply understand your target audience through in-depth insights, and create a lasting impression as a brand worth remembering.


We can’t wait to partner with you! Let's chat about creating a custom solution just for your business.



Step One

If you love my work and resonate with my highly strategic process, let’s talk about what our design collaboration could look like. When you fill out the project inquiry form, I’ll thoughtfully respond and schedule a complimentary consultation call to talk about how we can accomplish your business goals through intentional brand design. 

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Step Two

After our call, I’ll send a custom project proposal for you to review and approve, along with an invoice for our project deposit and contract. Once everything is completed, your project will be officially booked in my calendar. I’ll send requests for any resources or files I'll need before we get started.

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Step Three

Our project will kick off with a two-hour Brand Strategy Workshop where I’ll ask a myriad of intentional questions to learn more about you and your unique business. I come into this workshop free of any expectations in order to hear what you have to say, not fit you into a box of who or what I think you are. The purpose is for me to listen and lean into being curious, not give advice.

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Step Four

I’ll utilize the conversations from our workshop to develop your Brand Strategy and Visual Direction, presented in a customized PDF guide with forty (or more) pages of in-depth branding insights. It will be sent with a strategy feedback form and walk-through video recording. Together, we will refine the strategy until it is approved (which usually happens after one refinement round).

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Step Five

Once the strategy is approved, I’ll bring it to life by thoughtfully designing one brand concept. Your Brand + Collateral Presentation will also come with a custom walk-through video recording and a feedback form. We have two refinement rounds to finalize your visual branding.

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Step Six

With your visual branding finalized, I'll package up all the files and hand them off to you for implementation after your final payment is received. If you’ve invested in a templated or custom website design, you will then enter the website phase with our web partner Stefani of December Oak. If we’re ordering print materials, we’ll begin that finalization process.

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Inside our signature process

It's hard to put into words what the experience of working with AnnaKate is like.

I've spent days trying to figure out the right way of describing her ability to bring a brand to life, and the proof is really in the work she produces. She is intuitive and innovative, and her quality is top-notch. When I was looking for a partner on this project, I wasn't quite sure it was the right time for me to be considering making a leap like this for my business. But, after talking with AnnaKate and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Her eagerness to learn about me and my business, thoughtful ideas and creative eye, and overall joyful spirit were quite the light in a year like no other. You can see the professionalism and ability to execute almost anything in her portfolio of work, and I'm here to tell you the experience she provides person-to-person like the cherry on top. AnnaKate, you knocked it out of the park and then some. Thanks for your incredible work, and everyone would be lucky to work with you!

— Tom thornton

Photo by tom Thornton

I cannot recommend AnnaKate's services enough!

I knew what I wanted in a brand but was afraid I wouldn't be able to articulate it. AnnaKate reached inside my brain and created exactly what I had envisioned and much more. Her attention to detail is crazy and each design, font, color, and placement has a purpose that is specific to my business. She is a true talent and on top of this, a great human being. Her work has really transformed my business. I can't thank her enough!

— molly warren

We hired AnnaKate to help with our branding for our candle business and wow were we blown away.

She made some beautiful designs that we're so excited to be using. She was patient with us and helped us figure out what we needed. The refinement rounds and brand strategy helped streamline the project and allow for things to go smoothly. Rhema Design Co. is efficient and easy to work with and we'd definitely recommend them for branding and design work.

— Matt Melbourne

Who we love to work with

While each of our studio clients is unique and multifaceted, they all have one thing in common: they are kind, mission-minded business owners who are keen on making the world a better, more inclusive place.

Our most beloved projects are born from ideal collaborations. We love working with entrepreneurs who are decisive and give objective feedback, those who want us to lead the way in creating strong strategies instead of simply executing their vision. They are able, willing, and excited to invest in elevating their brand even beyond our design work. If this sounds like you, we will be a great fit!

In addition, here are a few industries we’d love to work with:

• Handmade products made with intention
• Artistic photographers and storytellers
• Sustainable, eco-friendly products

• Lifestyle eCommerce brands
• Innovative retail spaces and restaurants
• Food truck, a literal dream