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Our signature course, Profitable Print Process, teaches you the ins and outs of print production in order to be the expert and serve your clients well. 

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Thank you for being transparent and sharing so much!

The client experience webinar gave me ways to present new projects to the client and how to bill for them. And the passion project gave me ideas of how to present the project. All valuable! I feel so lost in my process and these helped me get some ideas.

How to present your work in an honest and nice way was the most valuable with the passion project. How to package print materials to send to the client with personal branded packaging, as well as thank you gifts was the most valuable from the client experience one.

— Maria Scott

As someone who doesn’t learn best by listening, I was so grateful for the takeaway resources. The information really resonated since I was introduced to it in the webinar and could then act on it through the takeaway materials. 

— Rylin Lindahl

Each webinar included downloadable resources and engaging questions to tailor the key points to each individual's business and needs. I felt taken care of and that my type of business was considered when the webinar was written.

— Aubrey Fite