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7 emails and 4 worksheets in total


Having boundaries extends far beyond just saying no. They're important for all aspects of life, especially in business. This mini email course will help you begin implementing your own boundaries in professional relationships! The course consists of 7 emails total with a few worksheets to get you started on your boundary setting journey!

Boundaries & Business Mini Email Course

— Rivkie Lieberman, Motif Studio

Although perhaps I'm not the target audience, since I have a business set up with fairly straightforward boundaries, I still found it valuable to hear how you'll put forward your preferences even if they're not what *everyone is doing.* 

I actually communicate over Whatsapp with a lot of clients, and some send really long voice notes. After reading your emails I had the courage to add "No voice notes please!" to my greeting message. Straightforward and simple!

Loved that confidence boost to just tell clients my preferences, instead of asking them!