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Video Training, Slide Deck, Bonus Live FAQ, Transcription, Resources: Strategy for Passion Projects, Industry & Naming Prompts, Passion Project Planning Guide, and Curated Photo Sets.


Passion Project Plan is perfect if you're attracting the wrong clients or are developing your own portfolio. This video training, bonus FAQ, and numerous resources will equip you with everything you need to get started on your own Passion Project. You’ll learn how to create a passion project for a high end, dream client and take your concept to the next level with print, photography, and more.

Creating a Passion Project

— Pralika Alvares

I have created passion projects in the past to grow my portfolio and expand my skill set but felt they lacked a strong foundational base. The Passion Project Plan webinar training was the exact solution I needed! It’s extremely helpful because AnnaKate listed out the exact plan on starting a passion project based on the goals, the target audience, resources and budget available etc. The biggest takeaway of this webinar for me was the Strategy for Passion Projects resource. I definitely feel prepared to apply all these points on my next passion project!

It is a great starting point to create passion projects that are intentional and not just pretty designs.